A Guide For Travelers Planning For Island Hopping Bahamas

Tourism is a booming industry in the Caribbean. Several activities are on offer with the sole purpose of entertaining guests, and encouraging them to keep visiting. However, guests are advised to consider certain activities if they intend to get the best experience. This excerpt elaborates on what you should do when participating in island hopping Bahamas.

History lovers can visit the region and learn about the slave trade that occurred in the seventeen sixties. During this period, a lot of locals were captured and sold as slaves to oversee nations. While on site, visitors are taken around the holding cells used to imprison slaves. In addition, they are also taken on a tour around the port that was used as a transit point for the transportation of slaves. By visiting such sites, tourists get to appreciate the rich culture and feel the pain felt by the slaves.

Having toured the slave site, guests ought to taste the mouthwatering foods served in the local restaurants. Ingredients are sourced locally to prepare fresh food that is guaranteed to attract more customers. Chefs are highly trained and know the best techniques of preparing various dishes. Customers in need of foreign dishes ought to inform the hotel prior to their arrival, to ensure the ingredients are procured in time.

Moreover, tourists ought to visit a variety of art galleries and view remarkable art pieces. Art displayed dates back to the nineteen century as explorers visited the area for business purposes. In addition, these centers have provided an avenue for budding artists to flourish. These centers have gained wide recognition and are a popular choice for exhibitions.

A visit to Port Lucaya market place and marina is an effective way of unwinding especially after a tiresome trek around the area. A bay is constructed in the port to allow docking for yachts and boat. In addition, several stalls have been erected for the purpose of selling home products as well as clothes for travelers in need of a change. The night life is magnified courtesy of free entertainment at the public square.

The tranquil waters surrounding the archipelago are a great venue for kayaking. Kayak enthusiasts are assured of a safe environment to enjoy this adventure. While kayaking, guests can explore mangroves, sea life and coves located in most of the regions around the atoll. Moreover, several hotels have been established to instruct amateurs on the proper use of kayaks. Furthermore, they also provide guides and maps for users to explore at their own pace.

In addition, clients should make it their mission to participate in the black history tour in the region. Slavery was a major business back in the eighteenth century as locals were shipped to other nations to work on plantations. Guests are shown the exact hideouts used by slaves and market places erected by merchants. Visitors learn a lot of valuable information and empathize with the deceased slaves.

Alternatively, tourists need to visit the art galleries set up around the atoll. Art has been a major part of life in the islet, and is traced back to the eighteenth century. A peaceful environment has been a catalyst in the creation of outstanding art by artists.

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