Advantages A Modern Dog Crate Has For Training Your Pet

Having pets at home helps so much especially if you are living alone. Dogs, in particular, are just the sweetest nicest creatures that you can have live with you. The maintenance and money spent of these animals are just all worth the amount of time, effort and money that you shell out.

training and management for these pups can be quite the challenge. Thankfully there are many things available in pet shops that can help with this. A modern dog crate, for example helps with many aspects of the righteous way of teaching them discipline and establishing a sort of routine that helps significantly especially when there is no one in the house.

Some may say that a crate would be more like a prison like enclosure than it is a good place for them to rest. But for those that are being trained to use a crate since their early years, they are likely to find some rest and make it as their personal haven. This happens because wild dogs have evolved to see this as their den and thus staying in such a place makes them feel safe while resting.

This helps the pet get accustomed to indoor environments. By instinct these pups already know to keep the den clean. This encourages them to go out of the space if they want to poop or pee. Just like cats, dogs are already hard wired not to go where the sleep or eat and they are going to keep it that way.

It has to be the right size and comfortable enough for them to be able to stand, sit and stretch out their limbs. While that may be a necessity, it should also not be big enough that they can find an area where they can do their business. Make it a point that they would have to ask to be let out for them to go.

You can even use the space for a time out tool without him hating the area. The loss of freedom from the fun is the point of the punishing and not the actual crate. The only reason that the pup would be afraid to go inside the crate is if bad things happen while he is inside. It is his safe place so best not scold him while he is in there.

Management is different from training in a way that it does not teach the dog to do something new. Rather this reinforces them to not act upon their bad habits. You have the option of putting a chew toy inside the enclosure and putting them in there as a distraction for when the pizza guy arrives so they do not get to pounce on him.

This also helps with building a routine for both the pet and you. The training would vary depending on the age of the pet. Puppies who are less than 4 months old need to pee every two hours, since they are not likely to hold their bladders that well. Observe enough to know how much time is too long inside the crate.

What is great about a crate is that it can also match your interior and would not necessarily have to look out of place. The benefits that it has also make training easier and will not have to damage the relationship you have with the dog. There may be some whining and crying at the beginning but they would eventually get used to it.

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