Avoid Asthmatic Issues With Crawlspace Encapsulation Atlanta

Young people often suffer chronic airway obstructions, and they can have life-threatening reactions to mold and mildew. In the southern states, this is even more true due to the high presence of pollen as well as mold spores that invade homes, schools, churches, and other businesses they may frequent. Crawlspace encapsulation Atlanta, GA can protect these young people from exposure to harmful spores and bacteria.

Each and every mobile home has a subterranean space, and these houses are notorious for having mildew problems along floors and around windows. The subterranean space is usually only a couple of feet high, but spans the entirety of the mobile home. In the years past, anyone who had to do any sort of maintenance on the structure had to be faced with a dark, damp, and scary environment.

Within this dark and wet lies the black mold, mildew, cockroach residue, and rodent feces that crawlspaces are famous for. A person who has never had asthma can suddenly find themselves in the throes of an attack due to these conditions. In recent years some forms of lung cancer have been connected to the presence of mildew and mold, making black mold a life-threatening intruder.

To encapsulate the area means simply to put in place a barrier, floor to floor, covering everything including plumbing and duct work. All too often the duct work is what frees the mildew and disperses it throughout the house. By having that space encapsulated, it becomes part of the indoors rather than being a way for the outdoors to work inward.

Root cellars found underneath old homes are another area that begs to be encapsulated. Most households use this space as a storm shelter as well, and oh what a terrible place to have to ride out a storm if there is no barrier in place. Not only that, but by encapsulating this area, it can be utilized for storage more readily than if it is left as bare earth.

Dehumidifiers are recommended for many places in order to avoid mildew and mold from developing underneath homes. Finding a good, efficient running dehumidifier can help any allergy sufferers in the house. By having the appliance underneath the floor rather than in the home, it allows them to dry the air without going to the point that members of the family suffer chronic nosebleeds.

Insects are another reason why one should encapsulate underneath the floor of their home. In the southern states, the roaches are bigger, the ants attack, and the rodents are just as unwanted as anywhere else. Your exterminator will be grateful when they see that they do not have to crawl through a moss jungle full of arachnids in order to exterminate the dwelling.

Renters are encouraged to discuss installation of these barriers with landlords. The health risks associated with mold spores and insect infestations are too great to be ignored, and renters often hold a landlord responsible when an unsafe condition harms them in some way. Too often we disregard the space beneath our feet and allow an unhealthy situation to grow right under our heels.

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