Cheri Christensen: Journey From A Small Farm To The Global Arts Scene

The best artists in the game have a way of expressing all sorts of ideas using just a paintbrush on a piece of canvas. This talent makes their creations valuable. People often bid thousands to millions of dollars for these works. The consumers desperately want to purchase them and keep them in their homes for all of the eternity. The best artists of our times have succeeded in altering the course of history. The art by artists like Cheri Christensen has transcended all cultural divides to be accepted worldwide.

The life of Cheri started in a small town somewhere in the outskirts of the state of Washington. She grew up there with her parents who happened to have been farmers. She later got an admission to join the prestigious University of Greensboro in North Carolina. According to history books, the campus is responsible for turning her into the awe-inspiring artist she is today.

Her teachers heavily influenced the life of this artist. Her mentors include the Russian impressionist, Sergei Bongart. While at the University, the artist received her teachings from Ron Lukas. Lukas also played a role in defining her style and taste in art. Most of her art pieces at the InSight Gallery in Fredericksburg in Texas have a recurring theme depicting farm life.

It would be a next-to-impossible task to list all the places you are likely to find her works at. A vast number of prestigious art galleries all over the nation have expressed a sincere interest in putting up her paintings for their esteemed clients. Over the decades she has chosen to focus on nature. Her work is a culmination of her childhood recollections at their farm.

In an attempt to keep the masses satisfied and happy, the team which works along the acclaimed artist has built a fantastic website. The site contains all the relevant resource materials one would ever require to know all there is to know about the renowned American artist. For instance, it includes an extensive collection of all her past and present artwork.

Talking in the many interviews, she has been on; Cherie always has this to say. She draws a lot of inspiration from her upbringing. The child of peasant farmers draws and paints images which depict farm animals. Cherie has mastered how to use light to represent the various animals and landforms on a typical farm setting.

Her modest upbringing endowed her with a lovable and a charming personality. She is adored and loved by all those who have worked with her in the past and present. They all claim that she has a determination and passion that is comparable to anything they have ever come across in their life. Guess that is what makes her such a success story.

The number of awards this lady has amassed is astonishing. Not a year passes by without someone somewhere recognizing her incredible talent and then proceeding to gift her with an accolade. The individual awards are too many to mention within the limited scope of this article. A candid example, however, happens to be the Best Traditional Landscape in the Allied Artists of America Art Show award she picked up in 1995.

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