Discover Effective Ways To Use The Best Self Tanning Lotion

When you have the best self tanning lotion on hand, you can keep a rich, even color all throughout the year. There are several things that can be done with any tanning product that will help to ensure that you get optimal results. With a little earnest effort you can be sure to avoid uneven areas and the tell tale streaks of a bad application.

Even when you use a phenomenal product you will find that it still requires a careful application. The steps that you take before you start the application process are just as important as how the lotion is applied. For stellar results you should never bring a product home and begin immediately to put it on. It is first and most important to carefully read all of the instructions that have been supplied by the manufacturer.

Your next step is to take a warm, soothing bath. It is important that you do not shave while bathing. This is especially true for those individuals that have sensitive skin as this will likely cause a reaction to occur when the tanner is applied.

While in your bath you want to gently exfoliate your skin in every area that you plan to treat. By removing dead, dry skin you create an even and smooth surface which will allow for equally even and smooth results. You can do this best by using a cotton washcloth. It is generally a good idea to avoid using a loofah or other similarly abrasive scrubbers as these can result in streaking when you apply the tanning solution.

You may want to invest in a snug bikini bottom to wear while applying the solution. Choosing a dark pair of bottoms will reduce the amount of visible fabric damage that is caused by applying the product. If you plan on tanning your buttocks you can always select a bikini option in the t-back or g-string style.

This level of preparation helps you make sure that you will get optimal results when using the best self tanning lotion. Online research can help you find numerous other tips for a successful application, including which products you might want to purchase to help spread the product over various body areas. Getting properly equipped for a full body treatment will allow you to look absolutely golden from head to toe.

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