Facts Regarding Liposuction Newport Beach Patients Need To Understand

Excessive fat deposition in various parts of the body is often the result of unhealthy lifestyles. One of the areas that is commonly affected is the anterior abdominal wall. Losing this fat is, in most cases, a very difficult task. While lifestyle changes may help reverse the condition, surgical intervention becomes necessary at times. There are a number of important aspects of liposuction Newport Beach residents need to know beforehand.

Other than the anterior abdominal wall, there are a number of other areas from which unwanted fat can be removed. These include, among others, the hips, thighs, buttocks, the face and the neck. This fat can be deposited in other areas or disposed of. The net effect is an alteration of the body shape. The procedure is, for this reason, also termed liposculpture. Commonly, surgery is performed on more than one area at a go.

Although anyone is a potential candidate for the procedure, there are a number of recommendations that have been made by surgeons. Among them is the fact that the candidate should first have tried the non-surgical options such as taking part in regular physical exercise and modifying the diet to reduce on the amount of unhealthy foods. The ideal candidate is an individual with a body mass index of more than 40.

Once the patient meets the requirements, they are prepared for the procedure. Your doctor will examine you and take you through a number of investigations. The aim of all this is to ensure that you are fit to be operated on. If you are taking any drugs or are eating foods that are likely to increase your risk of bleeding then you will have to stop them for some time.

Liposuction may be performed under general, regional or local anesthesia depending on the size of the area or areas involved. Very small areas can be operated using local anesthesia while multiple large areas usually require the use of regional or general anesthesia. The areas of interest are opened using small incisions and the fat is usually broken down by a high frequency vibrator then liquefied. The next step is suctioning using vacuum machine.

It is important to bear in mind that the maximum amount of fat that can be removed at one given point in time is 3 liters. If there is a need to remove more of it, other liposuction procedures have to be scheduled. Once that fat has been removed the incision is closed using surgical sutures. The wound is dressed tightly using a bandage so as to reduce inflammation as much as possible.

A patient who has been operated under local or regional anesthesia can be safely released from the hospital on the same day. For those in whom general anesthesia has been used, 24 hours of observation is often needed before one is released home. Possible complications include bleeding, pain, injury to important structures and post-operative infections among others. In very rare circumstances, fat may enter the blood stream and travel to end and cause dysfunction.

Liposuction gives satisfactory results for most of the patients who undergo the surgery. However, it is important to note that there is some degree of variability among patients due to a number of factors. Such will include, for example, the magnitude of the problem, the skill of the doctor and the type of techniques that are used. To increase the chances of success, adopt a healthy lifestyle to be continued long after the procedure.

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