Find Alternatives To Elizabethan Collar

The E collar consists of a light bulb shape with a plastic flexible consistency that is placed around the neck of the dog. Many canines do not take kindly to this device and may require another style of protective gear to prevent reaching injured areas or post surgical sites. Learning about the alternatives to Elizabethan collar ranges can assist in making an informed decision in support of pet health and long term wellness.

Utilizing the proper types of gear can best provide for pet needs for medical purposes that will better maintain healing processes. The dogs will have to be provided the correct types of positive reinforcement when fitting the particular collars to prevent against poor results and ensure that the most applicable solutions are determined. Canines are most responsive to praise and a preferred treat.

An Elizabethan collar is issued by a veterinarian to prevent dogs from causing additional damage to scratches and large wounds around the face or lower body. The purpose is to prevent infection or complications that occur when licking, biting or scratching at affected areas. Maintaining a clean and clear state can protect against infections and ensure that the target sites are provided adequate time to heal.

The traditional E collar is important for canines, but most dogs do not enjoy wearing the plastic cone and can lead to increased stress. A clear awareness of specific collar design and the options available can assist in choosing styles that are accepted by the canine. There are a number of measures that must be considered when selecting the correct styles that will minimize the ability for the dog to reach the wound.

The dog onesie worn during the winter in a fleece or lightweight fabric in summer can cover all wounds and post surgical areas. Dogs that are required to wear a full suit must be provided sufficient room and not be required to wear these outfits during the soaring temperatures of summer. It can cover target sites, but will not protect the face and ears that will be left exposed.

The cardboard cones are softer and smaller than the traditional E collar design and serves as a suitable choice for small canines. The bulb style best fits around the neck of the dog, but without the large hard consistency of plastic ranges. The cardboard is not recommended for large powerful breeds where rolling or rough play will damage the device.

A rubber or inflatable tube worn around the neck is shaped like a supportive cushion and minimizes flexibility. These cushions are soft and not as overwhelming as the plastic cone making it more acceptable for shy or anxious dogs. It is important to find the correct fit and to prevent any device from being restrictive around the throat.

It is important to speak to a qualified veterinarian about the options available in support of pet health and wellness. The selection of the proper products and a comfortable fit will keep dogs from causing additional damage and deterioration to the affected areas. There are many collars available to better suit the healthcare needs of pets.

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