For Experts In Lap Band Surgery Houston Is Worth Visiting

As obesity continues to threaten lives worldwide, researchers are doing everything they can to devise better ways of weight management. The field of surgery has for instance made several inventions that help to manage weight problems in a better way. Lap band surgery is surgery that makes use of laparoscopic adjustable gastric band, also called lap-band, LAGB, or A band. Another name for this surgical procedure is gastric banding. When in need of a professional in lap band surgery Houston is a good place to visit.

LAGB is made of silicone and capable of being inflated with saline solution. Its work is to reduce the capacity of the stomach when it is inserted on it. When the capacity of the stomach is reduced, one can only eat a limited amount of food. This reduces obesity. The stomach feels full after taking a light meal.

The surgical procedure entails cutting the belly with tiny incisions so as to create space for inserting cameras and surgical equipment. The upper part of the stomach is then inserted with the LAGB ring. This ring has a small tube attached to it. The tube extends from the ring to an access port on inserted beneath the skin. The access port is used for drawing or feeding saline into the LAGB.

Addition of saline into the LAGB makes it tight, reducing stomach size. The ring can be loosened if it is too tight by drawing saline through the tube. When surgery is being done, the ring is usually left un-inflated. Inflation with saline is only done after the patient full recovers from surgery. Full recovery takes between 4 and 6 weeks.

The process may be painful, which may prompt a local anesthesia to be administered. One may feel some discomfort and soreness in their stomach. Taking some painkillers may help with this problem. One is encouraged to remain active to help with the healing process. One day after the surgery, an x-ray may need to be done to check if everything is okay.

There are some foods that one should avoid and others that they can eat. The doctor should be able to clarify on this issue. The diet should be composed of liquids only for the first 2 weeks. Dehydration can be avoided by drinking a lot of water regularly. Solid food should be introduced in the diet in small amounts. Before swallowing food, it should be chewed properly. If one feels full, they should not continue eating.

Eating too much may cause one to feel nausea or discomfort. Some even vomit. Weight loss occurs gradually but steadily. It is important to go back to the doctor regularly for checkups. If weight loss is not happening as expected, the LAGB may be adjusted accordingly. Weight loss has been known to continue occurring up to three years after operation.

After the surgery, people experience a wide range of emotions. The steady loss of weight brings happiness and excitement in most people. However, the need to change diet and lifestyle often causes frustration. Any concerns one may have should be discussed with the doctor.

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