Homemade Remedies For Termite Control Westchester

Of all the known pest that have been known to man, termites remain to be the most destructive known to man. The fact that they leave in groups known as colonies and that they share a common source of food means that their destruction is very hard to manage. There are a couple of homemade remedies for termite control Westchester that one can use to deal with this problem.

Despite the many types of termites present, only the dry wood termite has been the number one enemy to humanity. Timber and other timber products appear to be the sole food source since they target the cellulose and glucose found on the wood. This is reason once the colony spots timber, it takes just months for it to be eaten up.

Several methods have been in existence for some time though some people have not been aware of and have been opting to settle for chemical methods. The use of sunlight is one of them. One can remove all the termites by just exposing them to the sunlight. The UV rays have the potential of killing these insects. Doing it for several days is a good way of killing them all.

Another trick is by the use of cardboards. Termites like cardboard because they contain high contents of cellulose which is their source of food. It is advisable that one wets the board and places it close to the infested area and this lures them to it. They will all run for it and once a good number has attacked the board, burn it. Several cycles can yield some good results.

The di-lemon compounds present in orange oil make it a good way of doing away with this menace. These compounds have the ability to kill termites upon contacts. One just needs to apply the oil on some cotton and then spread the oil on the areas attacked by the animals. It is best for dealing with specific points that have been attacked.

Neem oil is another solution that has been seen to have a potential of killing termites. The methodology of using it is just similar to that of orange oil. The only difference is that it works slowly and requires extra patience when one is using. For maximum results, one is advised to apply it several times until they observe the insects have ended.

These methods are very simple to undertake at home with no technicalities associated with it. More so, the solutions that are used, that is the neem oil and orange oil are not toxic making it environmental friendly. There is not much cost that one will undergo making it not limited to any person.

There is no season that is attributed to this menace. It is important therefore that one gets themselves ready at all moments to deal with these destructive insects. The best ways of keeping the situation in control is by tackling the problem early and if the procedures do not bear any fruits then consult a profession.

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