How A Philadelphia Electrician Helps With TV Wall Mounting

Wall mounted televisions save space in smaller rooms, and are often the most convenient options for bedrooms.

When mounting this appliance in your living room, the screen should be approximately eye level when you’re sitting down. If you want to watch televisions while laying in the bed, you will want to avoid straining your necks. Routinely watching a mounted television can result in the need for chiropractic care of physical therapy and both of the medical professionals who supply this care will suggest lowering your screen height.

The best device for this is a tilting wall might, which can be additionally used to adjust your TV position and limit glare at different times.

There are many consumers who opt to mount their televisions above their fireplaces. This often seems like it is a good idea, particularly when people account for the cold winter weather in Philadelphia. If you actually intend to use your fireplace as a heat source, however, then the resulting heat could shorten the lifespan of your entertainment equipment and it will also leave your scream grimy and coated in soot.

This is not so much of a problem with gas fireplaces, but most electricians do not recommend putting a TV above a wood or coal burning fireplace.

Mounting your television on an exterior wall is another mistake to avoid. It is hard to run cable through the wall and this often means having to leave visible raceways for your cables. This task is made far more difficult by running cable through the wall and you probably don’t have a convenient socket for wall mounting in your house. You might if you are are lucky, given that the former owners may have used this same spot for their TV install. TVs that are mounted high above beds often make it necessary to go into the ceiling.

In short, if you want a truly clean installation with all of the wiring placed within the walls, you should put an experienced Philadelphia electrician in charge of the work. Your provider will be able to handle this project without damaging your existing plumbing or wiring and while honoring all local fire codes.

Providers like these have trained technicians who can ensure that televisions are safely and properly installed by making sure that there aren’t any tripping hazards or exposed cables and ensuring that the television is never in danger of falling off. They can even make certain that all wiring that is inside of your walls is properly rated (for instance, standard HDMI does not have the proper rating).

If you are doing a full home theater setup, then you should definitely hire an installer. They will be able to do things to make it even cooler, such as installing recessed speakers and running all of the wiring out of view.

Although you can certainly purchase a wall mount and do the job yourself, especially if you only have to run cables a short distance, you will get a much better look by hiring a qualified installer. A tangle of exposed wires makes everything look untidy, and people will notice them. Calling a good electrician will help you get that gorgeous wall mounted TV, right where you want it.

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