How A Seattle Chiropractor Alleviates Low Back Pain Naturally

Low back pain is a medical condition many people deal with on a regular basis. Low back pain is often caused by motor vehicle collisions and slip and fall accidents. Some people may not realize the condition can also be triggered by bad posture, lifting heavy objects without proper support, and other actions that put a strain on the lower back.

The following reasons for low back pain may be related, but not limited to: muscle strain or tears; ligament strain or tears; lumbar disc herniation; slipped discs; degenerative disc disease; turning the body the wrong way; sudden movements; incorrect lifting of heavy objects; sacroiliac joint dysfunction.

A misalignment of the spinal column can cause lower back pain. Some people are able to eliminate minor back pain after a few days with self-care and rest. For other people, the back pain may persist for several weeks or months.

Some patients immediately feel the effects of a chiropractic adjustment. The pain and stiffness are reduced. They may also have greater range-of-motion. Other people with more severe medical conditions may need to have several appointments before they feel a significant improvement in their health.

A spinal adjustment can help eliminate inflammation of the surrounding tissue. Other possible, no side effect approaches are: heat packs, cold packs, acupuncture, physical therapy, exercise plans, diet (lifestyle changes), yoga, meditation, water therapy, and essential oils.

It may take awhile to adjust to the lifestyle changes recommended by the chiropractor. Eating healthier foods and becoming more active must become a priority if you want to get better. Being mindful of your posture and putting less of a strain on your lower back will also improve your medical condition.

You must be committed to the lifestyle changes in order for them to have a positive impact. Focusing on the long-term benefits of being healthier can become a motivating factor.

Seattle chiropractors help patients with lower back pain and other health issues. They work in conjunction with a patient’s primary care doctor. They are focused on improving the health and well-being of their patients.

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