How To Cope With A Bipolar Marriage

When you are married to someone who has bipolar, you will automatically find that life can become very difficult. There are a lot of times where you will ask yourself whether it is possible to carry on in this bipolar marriage. However, many folks have stuck it out, along with the support of a professional therapist who knows more about this particular area.

It can even be more difficult when the individual has been diagnosed during the marriage. Someone is more likely to be depressed at first. This is more manageable because most people realize that this is a common disorder. However, as the condition worsens, the couple can sometimes drift apart. It can especially be difficult when there are children involved.

Someone who is married to a person with this condition should not feel as if it is their responsibility to heal their partner. This is often the case with someone who wants to reach out and be over supportive. It can interfere with your life and cause a lot of stress. You may find that you are not able to function on a daily basis.

When someone has this disorder, it is necessary that they are on medication. Their partner needs to be supportive and encouraging. However, it can be difficult when they are not in agreement. They need to work together, but when someone with bipolar finds that they are not able to accept the condition, it can cause more problems, and this leads to much chaos.

In the beginning the patient may think that this is something that they can treat on their own. This can come in the form of a new age type of movement with yoga and meditation. However, while this can be helpful, one finds that you need more than this. Everyone knows this, and the spouse can become frustrated, but at this point you just need to let them work it out as they learn to accept it.

Medication is also important for those who are battling with the disorder. However, some people who have been newly diagnosed often don’t want to accept that they are ill. They may want to find a natural cure. This can create a form of conflict within the marriage. A person like this may turn to meditation or yoga, for example which is not always going to be effective.

You need to realize that your marriage does not revolve around the condition. It is necessary to be supportive and encouraging, but if everything you do in life has to do with depression and bipolar, you are going to suffer. You need to concentrate on what brought you together in the first place first and foremost. You also need to look at the qualities of one another.

The husband and wife should not be acting as the person who is simply taking care of the individual who is suffering from this condition. After all, this is a marriage. One has to think about the extended family and children, should that be something that applies to them. There are other issues that will come up which don’t relate to the illness as well.

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