Important Particulars That You Should Know About Electric Motor Rewinding

Most of the industries have experienced the wrath of motor failure. This becomes a major challenge whenever it starts deteriorating or ultimately fails. Engineers are forced to find a quick solution to the challenge and what comes first is either to repair or replace it considering the damage. For a quick fix, the engineers may try to restore the motors by rewinding them although people have a notion that electric motor rewinding decreases its efficiency.

An engineer should be keen on the types of materials that he uses when rewinding faulty motors. Stator core should not be stripped of its coil when in high temperatures because these may lead to a change of electrical features. Among many other factors, this can lower its efficiency due to iron loss. Every engineer can reinstate a faulty motor to its previous status as long as he follows the specifications.

Most of the motors that have gone through rewinding have failed because sometimes they are attended by unqualified engineers. It is important that whenever you take a motor for such services you should ensure that the professional have a vast experience in reversing the motors.

Thermal dissipation is the most important characteristic of a motor and the materials used when rewinding should not have any effect on it. An engineer can try insulating tapes and resins. It is now common knowledge among engineers that enhancing reliability and uptime of electric motors is possible.

A rewinding expert should discuss his terms of services with the client before working on the motors. He should make sure that the customer understands that reversing might not restore the motors at first, but it is worth a trial. With these, the customer can pay for the services regardless of certain outcome.

If a motor fails, it is more affordable to rewind it than finding an entire replacement. Most of the motors have different specifications and finding one that matches that of your pump, or any other electrical machine might prove to be a hard task. It is also difficult for you to find a replacement for motors that have been in use for years since most of the stockiest rarely keep spares for old models.

Some situations arise whereby you try looking up for a replacement, but you cannot find it at the dealers. In this case, the engineer can modify the motors by use of the available materials. In some motors, the slots in the stator are not filled with wires. If such a situation arises, the engineer can increase the size of the wire and ensure that there is an increment on turns in the motor.

When you submit your motors to the engineer, you should agree on all particulars that need to be changed for the motor to be efficient. Some of these items that can be modified include bearings, windings and any other that might be necessary. You can agree on the size of the wire with an objective increasing its efficiency.

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