Know These Things Before Becoming Siberian Cat Breeders

Cat breeding is a totally different ball game from just owning one. This is the love of cats taken to a whole new level. But once done successfully, breeding is quite an achievement. That is because raising pure breed felines are more difficult than it sounds and can tend to be a mix of both science and art.

Most pure breeds have great temperament but would require a lot to maintain in mint, show worthy condition. Siberian cats make a great choice since they are very playful fluffy majestic angels. There are many great Siberian Cat breeders Georgia that has a great variety of Siberian cats.

Rarely do people get rich from raising kitties. This should not even be considered as a major career move. It is more of an expensive hobby but there are benefits to being reputable in the long run. The money spent on food, supplies, vet bills and so on is more likely to cost more than the income for a litter of fur balls. Breaking even does not happen often. This activity is solely for the love of Siberian cats.

Whether one is breeds to have a great show cat or for selling, resulting to a good outcome will never be an accident. Details about bloodline, genetic history and even bone structure play a great part. There is also merit in getting two very compatible Siberian cats to mate. Doing this does not happen by chance and require a certain level of expertise.

Learn from those who have been in the cat breeding business for a long time. Finding them can be a bit difficult though. But once there has been an established connections with the people in the community it should be easier to build a reputation that can be of good use in the long run.

Cleaning, grooming and feeding the cattery is a basic responsibility that needs to be done religiously. This helps maintain a healthy environment for the cats. Taking vacations and long range plans may be unlikely in the future, especially with that many to take care of. This activity is not only for selling but, many do it for the shows.

At some extent all feline owners know that furniture and home damage is inevitable. Also expect damage to decorations and other house things to triple. Siberian cats especially like their humans to know that they love them by making their mark in the most unpleasantly endearing ways.

Do not buy too many felines to breed, as a beginner. One female should be enough to test the waters of breeding. One can always find a male of the same breed to mate the female. At the event that there is both male and female, separate them so the male cannot go to the female anytime he wants. This can result to too many kittens that may not be attended to.

The time involved in taking the female to a male can be quite daunting especially if the specific breed is not within the area. Some breeders require a fee to have a queen mate with their stud. There are medical procedures and blood tests the female needs to take for leukemia and cat AIDS.

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