Long Island SEO: 2016’s Most Popular Apps

The year of 2016 is coming to an end and I can’t think of a better time to go over this year’s most noteworthy apps. Whether you’re someone who likes to have fun or conduct business on their mobile device, chances are that you’ve heard of the big hitters. These are the ones that have been able to secure thousands – if not millions – of downloads and tremendous attention in the process. Here are the most noteworthy apps of the year, as supported by Long Island SEO specialists.

Face Swap Live – It’s hard to believe that an app that’s so silly has been able to attract so much attention. Face Swap Live, for those who do not know, allows you to switch faces with someone else, on your phone, for comedic results. Different filters and effects made this app stand out even more. While this app might be viewed as more of a novelty these days, it’s hard to deny the attention it drew, not only from Long Island SEO companies but society at large.

Miitomo – This app is notable due to being Nintendo’s first-ever mobile app. However, it became quite popular after its release. Miitomo uses the Mii layout that was first seen back on the Wii, all the while incorporating social media capabilities. The Miis that users create with this app can be customized in order to look differently, not only in terms of clothing but their overall appearances as well. This was a good start to Nintendo’s mobile endeavors, according to authorities like fishbat.com, as there would be more to come this year.

Giphy – To say that people like GIFs would be something of a given, but finding the right animated image can be a challenge. Enter Giphy, an app that’s specifically designed for searching through GIFs. Not only can you uncover multiple images spanning different interests, but they can be easily shared across social media channels as well. As you’ll learn, Giphy is a surprisingly functional app for such a simple purpose.

Pokemon Go – To say that Pokemon Go lit the world on fire when it came out would have been an understatement. The fact that this app encouraged people to get outside, without explicitly saying so, speaks volumes about Nintendo’s intuitiveness. In fact, Pokemon Go is still enjoyed by many today, since it’s quite the task to “catch ’em all.” Whether you’re a fan of the Pokemon series or not, this app is worth checking out.

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