Reasons For Choosing The Cavalier King Charles Spaniels

Aside from kittens, dogs are among the most popular pets in the world and they won the hearts of many pet lovers. They are sweet, smart, affectionate, loving, and easy to train. Dogs are wonderful pets because they are compassionate, giving, playful, and fun. Actually, a new pet can give you and your family members with more unreserved love that you never imagine.

Keep in mind that getting a new pet is not an easy task and requires a lifetime commitment. After deciding to get a puppy, you may choose from a variety of breeds available out there. Actually, the Cavalier King Charles Spaniels are one of the best breeds that many people opt to have. Also, it becomes a popular breed because of their beautiful characteristics.

Ideally, those breeds love to be with humans and do not want to be left alone for longer periods of time. Also, they make a perfect companion for senior citizens who want to walk with them every morning and have a yard for chasing and running. Their trainability, energy level, and temperament make them an amazing choice for many pet owners.

Spaniels are actually called a sporting breed toy due to the combination of spaniels and toy characteristics. Though they like being cuddled, but they mostly have athletic instincts than you may think. There is no doubt that spaniels are good runners and chasers. Just make sure to install a fencing system to your yard since they love to pursue other animals.

Like any other breeds, Cavaliers need an amount of exercise every day. And remember, these breeds are people oriented. They often get stressed when left alone for so long and should have good companionship either other pets or humans on a day to day basis. If left alone, they always bark and even chew or whine destructively.

Fortunately, they can go along with animals and even polite to humans. However like other dogs, they also lack courage. Therefore, as early as they can, you need a lot of socialization activities for them to build confidence and outgoing dispositions. When you love those traits, then a spaniel puppy is right for you.

But for those who do not want to work with timidity, shyness, and separation anxiety traits, then this is not for you. Basically, avoiding dogs with negative traits can be avoided by considering some factors. It would be best to choose a reputable breeder to find a good pup. If you opt to acquire one from animal shelters, be sure to choose an adult dog who has proven that he does not possess any negative traits.

It is always vital to give them a proper training to gain respect from them. Actually, one huge problem with Cavaliers today is their health condition. The usual health issues may include ear infections, skin allergies, and valve degeneration which basically leads to heart failure. Thus, choose a puppy properly.

If one is looking for a perfect companion in the canine community, you may consider the Spaniels. Since Cavaliers are easy to train, raising one should not prove to be a difficult challenge to manage. Basically, setting a basic expectation and boundary for your pup is recommended.

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