Reasons Why To Still Get Blue Pitbull Puppies

Having pets, specifically dogs can prove that humans and animals can get along just fine as long no one is being threatened. Recently there have been issues about banning pitbulls in a certain state. This has caused and unusual uproar from both animal rights activists and those who own one of the said breed.

The issue was triggered by an incident of an attack in Montreal. Despite this there are still so many people that can testify that these dogs, despite looking mean, can also be the sweetest among them all. Raising Blue pitbull puppies, especially for dog lovers and those that like raising pets are always a good choice. Blue pitbulls because this breed has those with blue noses.

One disclaimer though, not all of these dogs have blue noses. They can either be red, blue or half and half. Before you consider getting one though, know that this breed may be very susceptible to certain health problems. These can range from allergies, cataracts to Alopecia. As long as the dog is bred and raised properly, these problems should be unlikely.

Contrary to popular belief pitbulls are not necessarily violent. It would all be a matter of how the creature was raised and trained. There have been many states that have passed a bill regarding breed specific bans. It just so happens that Montreal is the one that has done this the most recently.

The fatalities caused by this breed can be overly hyped. This is not to ignore that the attacks have never happened, it is just that pitbulls get the most attention when it comes to issues like this. Their vicious appearance may be the one to blame here. But just because a dog looks dangerous does not always mean that they are. English bulldogs for example, while still with canines that can rip flesh from the bone, are mostly lazy and are not able to run as fast as other breeds.

Pitbulls are great companions if you are the type to go out and exercise a lot. They tend to be really active and playful creatures. They are smart and can understand instruction fast if you train them well enough. This breed is really more for those who can be considered as proactive owners. If you want to devote some time in training your pet, then best to get a pitbull.

Pitbulls are actually said to have human like emotions. There have been many Youtube videos where these animals would show affection to their owners or even caught crying. It would be very hard to believe that a particular breed of dog poses a threat and completely disregard the fact that this is true to anything that has canine teeth.

These dogs were specially designed to protect and this is apparent in their build. If this inherent violence is true to all, then provoking them should be out of the question. After all, humans are smarter than any four legged creature, might as well be the ones to stay away from trouble if possible.

The bottom line regarding the issue is that it is people who need to be more cautious when approaching these creatures whether they are dogs, cats, gorillas and so on. Passing bylaws not only causes unnecessary public outbursts but can also have expensive consequences for owners. Dogs regardless of breed, will always have the feeling of being threatened by people they are not used to, so best not to just go around petting random dogs even if you find them cute.

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