Tips To Preparing Homemade Aromatherapy Heat Wraps

Aromatherapy has been used since time in memorial to reduce muscle tension and rejuvenate the body. Beyond working on your muscles, aromatherapy heat wraps boost your psych which invigorates your spirit. It is possible to offer therapy to yourself and still achieve excellent results. This saves you fees paid to commercial therapists as well as offer privacy and control over the process.

The items required depend on the materials you intend to use in order to produce the smell. The quantities will also depend on your body size and how the materials react once they get heated. Two pieces of fabric that are 8 by 30 inches each will do. You need essential oil, needle and thread and the aromatic substance. Some of the substances used include rice and herbs. They depend on personal preference.

The nature of fabric used affects your level of satisfaction. Common fabrics for wrapping include flannel, denim, cotton and Muslim. This fabric requires weaving so that rice or other aromatic substances used are held in place. Instead of buying a new fabric, you may recycle a towel, old t-shirt, socks, etc. They have a natural circular shape that holds on surfaces like the neck. The size of fabric used should facilitate easy wrapping.

Measure the fabric depending on your body size and the area you intend to wrap. The substances used in providing the aroma will dictate the width of your fabric. Provide enough space to hold these substances and allow the aroma to ooze out. The fabric should provide enough room to tightly wrap it until it holds the targeted area.

To prepare the wrapping, sew the two fabrics into a pocket. Keep the stitches as close as possible in a way that they can hold herbs, rice and any other substances used in therapy. Do not close up both ends to allow filling. Choose a design and color that are pleasing to the eyes to enhance the therapeutic effect.

Avoid the use of instant rice especially if you are using the microwave for heating purposes. The rice easily gets cooked which may affect the effectiveness of therapy. Ensure that substances used are not easily destroyed by heat. Do not over fill the wraps since it might prove difficult to wrap. Substances like essential oils are added according to user instructions. You may opt for a single aroma or a combination as long as it produces desired results.

The wrapping fabric is sewn together after rice and other aromatic substances are added. Heating takes 30 seconds at most up to the desired temperature. Between the heating intervals, shake the fabric to redistribute and activate the oils. The wrap is then placed around the neck like draping for the therapeutic feel.

It must be noted that this therapy does not replace treatment. Overheating may also burn your skin. Avoid heat around sensitive areas as well as parts with open wounds. You may enlist the assistance of a friend or relative in wrapping to have the best effect. Reduce the time taken from heating to wrapping so that the heat can be retained.

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