Tri-County Area FL Estate Planning Lawyer Offers Estate Tips

When planning for the future, families are advised to locate a legal advocate who is knowledgeable about laws pertaining to wills and asset-distribution. A Tri-County area FL estate planning lawyer can help them understand the complexities of estate planning.

It is not just senior citizens who need to have detailed, written instructions in case of a medical emergency or debilitating disease. Young adults and couples with minor children also should have a plan in place. Attorneys often advise clients involved in blended families, and single adults with no immediate heirs, to consider putting their affairs in order early on.

One reason to have a personal representative in this area is to ensure specific needs and requirements are met on an individual basis. Everyone has a different set of circumstances that needs special consideration.

An experienced lawyer can provide clients with the information they need to make good decisions and to consider possibilities they may have overlooked. The client may want to designate a trusted friend or family member with power of attorney in case he or she becomes incapacitated and unable to make sound decisions for themselves for instance.

Clients can learn about different types of trusts and which are most appropriate considering their objectives. The various types of trusts include charitable, land, revocable, and irrevocable. Special needs trusts protect a disabled family member’s access to government benefits. QPRT trusts allow for greater gift tax exemptions.

There are many ways a professional can assist with the complicated process of distributing financial assets. The client may have a special charity to be mentioned in the legal documents and donated to annually. A special needs relative may require protection and instructions regarding government benefits that can be included in the plan along with instructions for ongoing care.

Careful consideration should be given when choosing an attorney. The person must be well qualified, experienced and have the client’s best interests in mind at all times.

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