What To Know About The Pecan Season Georgia Growers Depend On

Georgia may be known as the Peach State, but it actually produces more pecans than anywhere else in the country. Southwest Georgia, Dougherty County specifically, is the epicenter of the industry. Although the nuts can be purchased all year long, they are actually harvested between the months of October and November. This crop is extremely important to Georgia’s economy, and the state is relieved when the pecan season Georgia growers work so hard for is successful. Before purchasing loose pecans, you should have some information about them.

Establishing an orchard is not an easy or inexpensive proposition. The topography should be flat and the soil may have to be treated to make it suitable for successful growth. Young trees need plenty of water, so irrigation is usually necessary during many parts of the year. Even the layout of the orchard is important. Most are laid out in squares to encourage pollination. Within three years, trees may begin to produce, but it will be another seven to nine years before they can be harvested for profit.

It is hard for many rural Georgians to understand that there is a whole population that has never seen a loose pecan in its shell. Their only experience with the nuts is the ones in the little packages that have already been halved and crushed and are ready for use in occasional dishes. If you buy loose pecans, you should only choose the ones that have smooth shells and look fat and healthy.

Nuts are fruit, and they can become rancid fairly quickly unless they are stored correctly. They need to be in airtight cans or containers and will last about six months in the refrigerator. Be careful not to place them next to garlic cloves or onions, because they will take on their odor.

Pecans may be high in calories, but they are full of fiber and an excellent source of protein. Individuals who are watching their cholesterol levels will be happy to know that nuts are a good addition to their diet. They are delicious raw or added as ingredients to a variety of recipes.

Nuts make great gifts especially for people who do not have access to freshly harvested ones. You can use them as part of an assortment stored in holiday tins or along with various candies and other sweets. If you are a baker, pecan pie is a universal favorite and would be appreciated by any lucky recipient.

Pecans have an interesting history, and if you are giving them as a present, you might want to include some background about them. On a note you could include the fact that pioneers used them as a form of money by trading them for small goods and services.

If you have a chance, you should really try these nuts in their natural state, without any preservatives or natural flavorings. Once you have tasted a real pecan, you probably won’t be satisfied with anything less.

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