What You Need To Know About Weed Control Compass Point Services

Eliminating weed from lawns is one of the major challenges that most homeowners face when maintaining their lawns. Weeds can be removed in various ways. However, these techniques are muscle intensive and time consuming. An expert should therefore be hired to conduct weeding. There are several factors to consider when looking for weed control Compass Point experts.

The most efficient and common method for eliminating weeds is by pulling them manually. However, this technique should be conducted by holding the roots of weeds. If they are held on the leaves during weeding, the technique will not be fruitful. Weeding experts who operate in the city of Leland NC utilize dandelion pullers to control the spread and growth of weeds.

Mulching is another technique that can be adopted to prevent the growth of wild plants. Mulches usually retain soil moisture and the ground requires less watering. Mulching can be conducted by cutting down grass and shrubs growing on a particular landscape. The cut vegetation is then laid on the ground to a height of two inches and a rake is used to spread them evenly. Some of the organic mulches that are used are bark chips, straw, grass clippings and manure. Mulches can also be bought from landscape materials suppliers.

Vinegar has over the years proven to be useful when removing weeds from landscape. This liquid contains acetic acid. On the other hand, acetic acid boosts the strength of vinegar by allowing it to withdraw moisture from any unwanted plant when sprayed. However, when this liquid is not sprayed properly, it may contaminate other plants hence sucking moisture and killing them in the process.

Dish soap can also be used in suppressing and disintegrating leaves of weeds. Wild plants usually have waxed leaves and when dish soap is added on them, their leaves are disintegrated. About five soap tablespoons are usually added on wild plants for them to be suppressed hence controlling their growth. This technique is suitable for weeding driveways and walkways.

Salt can also be used as a desiccant in weeding by sucking out moisture from the stems and leaves of unwanted vegetation. For fast and effective killing power, salt is usually combined with vinegar during weeding. However, there are negative effects of salt on soil and plants. When it is in contact with other crops, it draws out moisture from them and also lingers on top of soil.

Baking soda is as effective as salt. It can substitute salt on crops that can not tolerate excess sodium. Spraying baking soda mixed with water on crabgrass will help to eliminate this invasive plant species. Unfortunately, it may also kill lawn grass when sprayed improperly. Chemical herbicides are also used in weeding. These chemicals should however be handled with care because of their corrosive and poisonous nature.

When looking for an expert to conduct weeding on your lawn, hire one who uses eco friendly weeding practices. As a Leland NC resident, such experts are found in several parts of the city. You can inquire from your neighbors whose lawns were recently weeded regarding the expert who helped them. In your pursuit, choose cost effective weed control services.

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