When In Need Of Electrostatic Painting Denver Is The Way To Go

Electrostatic coating refers to a process that uses charged particles in order to paint workpieces more efficiently. The equipment used for this kind of painting atomizes and statically charges the atomized paint as it emerges from the spray head. The paint is usually driven by a centrifugal force as it leaves the equipment. The charged paint seeks the grounded metal, wrapping around it regardless of shape. For the best electrostatic painting Denver is the best location to check out.

In complex applications, the workpiece is made to go down a conveyor into a paint booth or paint tank. In the paint tank, the workpiece is either coated with or dipped into the paint. Paint booths usually have a powder recovery module, which is used to remove between 95 to 100 percent of overspray coatings. The workpiece then proceeds down on the conveyor belt into an oven where curing happens.

This entire process is made better than traditional methods of painting because of several different reasons. For starters, wastage of paint is minimized by the presence of a recovery unit in the equipment to recover overspray. Automation of the equipment also cuts costs further. However, there are also manual models of this equipment.

The work of the recovery unit is to suck paint particles that do not adhere to the substrate being painted. These particles hung in the air and are sucked back. It is important to ground all components of the equipment before starting the painting process and this is one of the major disadvantages of the process. Without properly grounding these components, there is the risk of a massive buildup of static charges in the system. This may cause damage to the painted substrate such as arcing.

Thorough cleaning of the substrate needs to be done to ensure that all components are clean before beginning work. When the surface is not cleaned properly, the individual operating the machine can be shocked by the static charged. Proper cleaning also boosts quality of the work done. It costs more expensively to buy the equipment used for electrostatic painting than equipment used for conventional painting. However, huge savings from labor and material help to recover the cost fast.

There is a lot of preparation involved in this method of painting. First, the surface must be cleaned thoroughly to remove debris such as dirt, mold, old paint, and grease among several others. Sandblasting is one of the best methods used to clean surface as part of the preparation process. Better adhesion can be achieved by sanding the surface to make it smooth.

After sandblasting and sanding, the surface needs to be wiped thoroughly using various kinds of solvents and/or degreasers. There is a wide range of solvents and degreasers in the market that one can use for this purpose. In case there are some parts of the workpiece that do not need to be painted, it is important to mask them before starting to work.

Priming is important to further improve the quality of the results achieved. There are also various primers available to choose from. After completing the process, removed parts should be replaced while those that are masked should be unmasked. The substrate should then be cleaned.

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