When Should You Use Urgent Care Mobile AL Residents

When you need medical help you want to make sure that you get the best. Often we panic in an emergency situation and do not know what to do or whether the condition is life threatening. If the condition is always call 911 for emergency help. If the illness or injury is non-life threatening then you will need urgent care Mobile AL.

The first assessment you need to make is whether the condition is life threatening or not. If someone is having difficulty breathing such as with asthma you must determine whether it is a severe breathing problem or mild or moderate. If the breathing condition is mild to moderate and the person can take breaths and can talk and walk and it does not appear to be life threatening this is whey you may want to visit an urgent care clinic.

There are a host of medical conditions that warrant immediate medical attention. Other conditions such as broken fingers or toes, or fevers and flus can be cared for at the center. You will know when a condition is life threatening if the person loses consciousness or is confused or otherwise unresponsive to you.

You can usually get the health or medical problem resolved quickly and efficiently without having to go to a hospital which is only for life threatening emergencies. The clinic will treat your condition and even prescribe any needed medications with follow up instructions for home and after care. They will usually tell you to follow up with your family physician for further care and assessment.

Do not use an emergency room if your condition is not life threatening. This is the role of the urgent care centers to deal with medical issues other than life threatening ones. When you are assessing a medical condition take note of the persons vitals if you know how. Take all the medications they have to the center and give them as much information as you can about the person’s condition.

Maybe you have used these clinics before and know that they are open mostly 24 hours a day on weekends, holidays, nights and when your doctor’s offices are closed. You can use them during the off hours of other medical facilities. They were designed for basic medical care and can prescribe needed medications and other treatment and refer you to your family doctor for follow up.

If you can if someone is injured do some preliminary first aid until you can get them to a medical professional. If the person has a sprain or strain do not let them use the affected part if possible. Also if the person has any bleeding such as with a cut, ensure that you stop the bleeding by applying pressure to the wound. Any severe bleeding that cannot be stopped by applying direct pressure needs emergency attention.

Remember not to panic in an emergency situation and always call 911 if you deem the condition to be life threatening. Getting proper medical help when needed can save lives. Pay attention to your health and do not let any condition go untreated for any length of time.

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